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Project Description

About Termite Grooves

Termite Grooves is a wonderful blend of traditional funky and percussive didj blended with natural bush sounds, afro percussion and vocals. This album is very tribal and focuses mainly on the percussive nature of the didjeridu. A very popular release for the didj enthusiast.All didjs, vocals, djembe, doun douns, clap sticks, shakers, tablas, talking drum, jews harp played by Ganga Giri. Definitely music to move to. Available now on iTunes.

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Track List

01 Didge Dance
02 Haha Kookaburra
03 Storm Coming
04 Night Flight
05 Earth Funk
06 Old Henry Mulga
07 Ant Dance
08 Flintstones

Recorded and produced by:
Rik Cole at a time when Ganga was living in a tepee in the bush in Northern New South Wales. This is didj music at its best, showcasing skill and variety.

Reviews for Raising It Up by Ganga Giri

And The Beats Keep Jammin!

Holy S*$%, these guys are badddd asssss! How come I’ve not heard of them being a Grammy nominee?!? I had downloaded, “Tribe Vibe” yesterday, instantly fell in LOVE with it; was compelled to hear more and today I downloaded this one, “Rising It Up.” These guys are f’n amazing. I would love to meet them one day. I especially love the track, “Don’t Follow the Guru” Enuf said!

- William R. Byxbee Jr. on July 21, 2009

A Must Have!!!

I sampled these tracks on my Zune and had to have this-I bought their first CD which was awesome. This is great to listen to and inspire you to get moving- I plan to use it for boot camp, Spinning, power yoga, etc..It makes you feel stronger and more alive.

- Tom La Framboise on November 29, 2012