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Project Description

About Raisin it Up

Raising It Up

Instruments and Musicians:

Ganga Giri: Didijeridu, Didgebone, Vocals, Congas, Percussion.

Sean Sirbassa Hill: Fatty Bass.

Tim Butler: Keyboards

Yasmin Amal: Percussion

Stasia Arroway: Vocals on Swim of Sound

Yeshe Reiners: Percussion, Mbira, Hosho, Congas

Turtle: Aboriginal Vocalist

Gumaro:Aboriginal VocalistEngineered and Produced by: A.B / Sean Candy, Don Peyote, Mik La Vage, Adham Shaikh,

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Cover Art

Track List

01 Shakin it up full | Play
02 Raising it up | Play
03 Culture
04 UFO over Bald Rock | Play
05 Fire in the Belly | Play
06 Dont Follow the Guru
07 Peace to the Middle East | Play
08 Thigarra Yugal (Emu Song)
09 Nataraj | Play
10 Swim of Sound
11 SaltSpring
12 Natural Spirit

Reviews for Raising It Up by Ganga Giri

And The Beats Keep Jammin!

Holy S*$%, these guys are badddd asssss! How come I’ve not heard of them being a Grammy nominee?!? I had downloaded, “Tribe Vibe” yesterday, instantly fell in LOVE with it; was compelled to hear more and today I downloaded this one, “Rising It Up.” These guys are f’n amazing. I would love to meet them one day. I especially love the track, “Don’t Follow the Guru” Enuf said!

- William R. Byxbee Jr. on July 21, 2009

A Must Have!!!

I sampled these tracks on my Zune and had to have this-I bought their first CD which was awesome. This is great to listen to and inspire you to get moving- I plan to use it for boot camp, Spinning, power yoga, etc..It makes you feel stronger and more alive.

- Tom La Framboise on November 29, 2012

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