Ganga Giri -Raising it Up CD


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Instruments and Musicians:
Ganga Giri: Didijeridu, Didgebone, Vocals, Congas, Percussion.
Sean Sirbassa Hill: Fatty Bass.
Tim Butler: Keyboards
Yasmin Amal: Percussion
Stasia Arroway: Vocals on Swim of Sound
Yeshe Reiners: Percussion, Mbira, Hosho, Congas
Turtle: Aboriginal Vocalist
Gumaro:Aboriginal VocalistEngineered and Produced by:
A.B / Sean Candy, Don Peyote, Mik La Vage, Adham Shaikh,

Track Listing
01 Shakin it up
02 Raising it up
03 Culture
04 UFO over Bald Rock
05 Fire in the Belly
06 Dont Follow the Guru
07 Peace to the Middle East
08 Thigarra Yugal (Emu Song)
09 Nataraj
10 Swim of Sound
11 SaltSpring
12 Natural Spirit


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