Ganga Giri, a psychedelic tribe of musicians that create an amazing multi-layered blend of indigenous/electro/dance/rock, and upon my first vision of Giri dancing around the stage, waving his arms around and playing his didgeridoo at the same time, he’d won me over.
l also loved the resonating vocals of Jornick, the Rasta vocalist, but what I love most about Ganga Giri is the way that all the elements of their musical creation come together to create a sonical soundscape that is unlike anything else I’ve ever heard, truly original musicians. – Faster Louder Review – East Brunswick Club – January 2010

“The Australian quartet stormed the fields of Wakarusa with their interpretation of ancient/modern cultures. The sound‚ the presence‚ the energy was overwhelming – hands down‚ the highlight of the entire festival. ” – Festival Review Wakarusa USA – Garret K. Woodward – State of Mind