Ganga Giri Group Composite

Ganga Giri mixes red natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological deep earth dance experience. Explosive and pulsating, at times ambient and flowing, the music is a pumping percussive multi-layered experience of complex grooves and raw, deep natural sound. A positive celebration.

It has been a very interesting time on the planet with no touring for us here at Ganga Giri HQ.

However we hope everyone is staying fit and positive and let’s all hope and pray we will all be meeting up again in physical community soon. When we breath, dance, smile together we feed each others spirits. Community is a very important thing and we miss you all! We as a band have played and contributed to two events online. The Shift Summit Music Festival and Earth Dance Co-Manifestival. We have been inspired during these times of less touring and working on a new band collaboration. More of that really soon!!!!!

Best wishes!!!!!!

On another note I have been getting my other business rocking, Didgeridoo Australia! It is more about gathering Aboriginal educators and performers together to inspire and share culture to the local and greater community.

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Ganga Giri Group Composite