Bio & Reviews

Ganga Giri
(gun-gah gear-ree)

A didgeridoo virtuoso and innovator, who fuses this ancient instrument with electronic production and vocals, this music is about connecting to culture.

Ganga Giri started playing the drum kit at eight years old, and has travelled the world learning, studying tabla in India, and using a range of percussion instruments on stage, including djembe and congas as part of his rhythmic beat driven style.

Descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania, Ganga has taken dance-floors of the world by storm with his unique Australian sound; modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music.

With eleven albums to date, and two decades of touring across Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, New Zealand and into Asia, Ganga has performed everywhere from large outdoor festivals to dance clubs, outdoor arenas, hidden caves and sacred temples.

Ganga is also a founder of Didgeridoo Australia, a company that creates Aboriginal incursions and cultural experiences for schools, businesses and for corporate entertainment.

Ganga Giri’s act can have many incarnations; from one-man band to a multi-member dynamic ensemble including
indigenous dancers and a full multimedia show. Ganga Giri on stage is modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music, using driving percussive, didgeridoos, congas, djembe, vocals, and original beats using laptop and loops.
His dynamic sets create dance floors with a sense of community, uniting everyone with the high energy of his beats.



Involves Ganga on stage with Multiple didgeridoos and other instruments

Duo with indigenous singer or drummer

Involves Ganga on stage with Multiple Didgeridoos and instruments with an additional world class musician ranging from Aboriginal Elders playing the didgeridoo to word class drummers or dancers. A duo is a bigger stage presence and band feel when the budget does not facilitate a full size band.

Full Band

Full band incarnations can vary depending on location and budget but can include:

Indigenous Aboriginal dancers or singers
Guitar, melodica and harmonica
Extra Percussionist

Ganga’s Tours

Ganga has rocked festivals worlwide including events such as Glastonbury (UK), Burning Man (USA), Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), BOOM (Portugal) Shambhala (Canada), Szieget (Hungary) and many more.

Ganga creates positive celebrations of global community, by transcending cultural boundaries, nurturing interconnectedness and creating positive change through music.

“Ganga Giri is a wonderful musician. I loved the mix of his ancient and primitive instrument with a wide range of great dance grooves. Ganga is really taking the didgeridoo places it has never been before and developing a unique style of music.’ – Peter Gabriel

‘Ganga Giri, a psychedelic tribe of musicians that create an amazing multi-layered blend of indigenous/electro/dance/rock, and upon my first vision of Giri dancing around the stage, waving his arms around and playing didgeridoo at the same time he’d won me over’. – Faster Louder Review, Australia

‘They stormed the fields of Wakarusa with their interpretation of ancient/modern cultures. The sound, the presence, the energy was overwhelming – hands down, the highlight of the entire festival.’ Garret K. Woodward, Festival Review Wakarusa USA

“Ganga Giri’s performance at the Ottawa Bluesfest on a hot blistering afternoon grasped the crowd from the word get go and filled their bodies with percussive rhythms with instruments from around the world. Ganga’s performance was, as the French would say ‘mon coup de coeur’ that performed on main stage of the entire festival” – Claude Faucon, Ottawa Bluesfest, Canada