The didgeridoo performer, Ganga Giri, is a descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania. He has been playing Yidaki or Didgeridoo for more than 30 years having released more than 15 albums and worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Wim Hoff, and has appeared and played for the Sultan of Brunei.
Ganga brings an amazing, deep haunting experience with his Didgeridoo at your event to create a memorable atmosphere, or build a more interactive performance that is fitting for your event. He talks and plays at AGM’s and many other corporate events. Ganga has played all over the world representing The Australian Embassy, Qantas, Grand Prix, VACCA, Cummins, DHL and more. Ganga can help set the space for your event and organise a Welcome to Country.

Increase workplace morale and productivity at your next corporate event with relaxed, fun-filled Didgeridoo programs that encourage group participation and synergies. We can customise programs to address specific areas. Our Didgeridoo programs are ideal for conferences, seminars, training programs, leadership events, stress management workshops, social events, anything!

Do you require the assistance of an experienced person to perform a Welcome to Country or Acknowledgement of Country? We can provide you with solo didgeridoo players, an Aboriginal dance troupe and the amazing, world-class Ganga Giri show at your next event! Our performers are passionate about Aboriginal Culture and have performed at some of the world’s leading festivals, including Glastonbury (UK), Womad (UK), Burning Man (USA), Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), Rainbow Serpent (Australia) and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia).


Ganga Giri corporate events - didgeridoo playing being taught to attendees.

> Acknowledgement of Country, Welcome to Country and/or Smoking Ceremony

Ganga Giri will play Didgeridoo to set an amazing grounded atmosphere at your event with an Acknowledgement of Country. This sets the space and engages our First Nations Peoples especially if we combine it with a Welcome to Country if you are on Wurundjeri Land.

The Welcome to Country can also include a smoking ceremony accompanied by Didgeridoo for a greater impact and atmosphere.

Ganga Giri corporate events - didgeridoo playing being taught to attendees.

> Djarlo Dance Troup

The next addition or booking option is to book Ganga Giri to accompany our Aboriginal Dance Group, Djarlo to perform at your next corporate event. Djarlo can dance at your event for a longer introduction with indigenous performance.

Ganga Giri performing

> The Entertainer
Our live music program is great for social events! The main purpose of this program is to entertain and to inspire your staff with our didgeridoo players. The Didgeridoo is an amazing and powerful instrument that can be played in a number of styles, from traditional to contemporary – mixed with dance beats, or even accompanied by traditional song and dance!

> Aboriginal song
> Aboriginal dance
> Aboriginal dance troupe, Djalo.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

Ganga Giri corporate group participation

> Interactive: Didge and Culture

A great interactive program where simple Didgeridoo playing techniques are taught to the men and clap stick patterns for women, to then come together at the end and have an amazing synergy and musical experience. All team members are up from their seats and creating powerful sounds of the instruments and are working together as a team. All players will then accompany each other with different sounds to create a rhythm. The fun involved here, the sounds of the Didgeridoo and the breathing involved will ensure that any fatigue is literally ‘blasted away’ and that energy levels are elevated to a new high!

Also there will be the sharing of the origins of the Yidaki or Didgeridoo, how they are made and used in a traditional context. Ganga will talk about his many experiences up in the northern part of Australia where the instrument comes from.

Ganga has been playing for more than 30 years and has so much to contribute to a fun and informative team building event.

When we all come together in rhythm we are connected!

Duration: 60 minutes
Outcome: Enthusiastic, happy and refreshed participants with loads of energy for the rest of the day! Can be used as a great team-building exercise and to gain more knowledge of Aboriginal Culture and music.

Examples when to use: Whenever an energy ‘kick-start’ is needed. After lunch at seminars and conferences, after long presentations or at the beginning of events!

Ganga Giri teaching circular breathing

Restorative: Didgeridoo mindfulness sound experience
This is an amazing gift for each participant and an opportunity to relax, take some deep breaths and become more present. The sound of the Didgeridoo has a very meditative quality and mixed with other nature sounds it enables each person to experience a clear and calm more focused space. Each person can either sit or lay down on matts and physically feel the musical vibrations of the instrument.

This very positive, calming program is therefore energising for a corporate environment.

Duration: 60 minutes.
Outcome: Increased self-esteem, group bonding,a clear and calm more focused team and leadership, energised participants.

Examples when to use: Team-building events, conferences.

We can customise your very own program to ensure that it will deliver the desired outcome and get your team all fired up! Please look at the above programs as examples and contact us if you wish to discuss any additional requirements.

Why use the Didgeridoo at your corporate event?
Firstly, Didgeridoo playing is a lot of fun and a great ice breaker but it also:

> Leads to stress release and relaxation

> Increases concentration and focus
> Helps building and strengthening relationships
> Can be a tool to communicate your company vision
> Can assist with organisational change

When to introduce the Didgeridoo to your corporate event:
> Conferences
> Seminars
> Training programs
> Leadership events
> Stress management programs
> Social events
> Anytime!