Ganga Giri’s act can have many incarnations; from one-man band to a multi-member dynamic ensemble including
indigenous dancers and a full multimedia show. Ganga Giri on stage is modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music, using driving percussive, didgeridoos, congas, djembe, vocals, and original beats using laptop and loops.
His dynamic sets create dance floors with a sense of community, uniting everyone with the high energy of his beats.

Ganga has rocked festivals worlwide including events such as Glastonbury (UK), Burning Man (USA), Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), BOOM (Portugal) Shambhala (Canada), Szieget (Hungary) and many more.


Ganga Giri

Involves Ganga on stage with Multiple didgeridoos and other instruments.

Ganga and Elder for Welcome to Country with Didgeridoo.

Full Band

The Ganga Giri Band was formed over years of stage hopping, searching for the sound and musicians he wanted to bring to his live set. The eclectic lineup was born. The sensual smooth vocals of Aishah Espinosa weaving in and out of the unusual melodic lineup of Michael Diamond on Harmonica and Tai Jordan on Trumpet sets up a sound that is fresh and exciting, swinging from almost a bluesy roots sound to soaring melodies over the energy of dance tracks held down by the solid beats of Dan Pearson on drums. With Ganga at the helm this group brings energy and sound like no other.
We can play an upbeat set and a chill set and also offer workshops.

Full band incarnations can vary depending on location and budget but can include:

Indigenous Aboriginal dancers or singers – Drums – Trumpet/horns – Guitar, melodica and harmonica – Bellydancer – Extra Percussionist

Ganga creates positive celebrations of global community, by transcending cultural boundaries, nurturing inter-connectedness and creating positive change through music.

Wedding Welcome and Smoking
Didgeridoo at Your Wedding
The mystical sound of the Didgeridoo will certainly add an amazing grounding and atmosphere to your special day. We can also offer a Welcome to Country and smoking by a recognised Elder if so desired.


Ganga is also a founder of Didgeridoo Australia, a company that creates Aboriginal incursions and cultural experiences for schools.


Didgeridoo Australia offers ten different incursions for Early Learning Centres.  All incursions are designed for children from 3 to 5, and a maximum group size of around 25 children. The duration is 60 minutes, and we are focusing on interactive presentations and hands-on activities for the children throughout to ensure maximum engagement.
Our programs meet National Quality standard 1.1, particularly elements 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 as we connect children to the indigenous community and offer children hands on knowledge and experience in the indigenous culture.


Ganga Giri is a descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania. He has been playing Yidaki or Didgeridoo for more than 30 years with more than 15 albums released and worked with people of the likes of Peter Gabriel, Wim Hof, Has appeared and played for the Sultan of Brunei.

Ganga brings an amazing deep haunting experience with his Didgeridoo at your event to create a memorable atmosphere or build a more interactive performance that is fitting for your event. He also talks and plays at AGM’s and many other corporate events. Ganga has played all over the world representing The Australian Embassy, Qantas, Grand Prix, VACCA, Cummins, DHL and more. Ganga can help set the space for a Corporate event and can help organise a Welcome to Country for your event.

Increase workplace morale and productivity at your next corporate event with relaxed, fun-filled Didgeridoo programs that encourage group participation and synergies. We can customise programs to address specific areas. Our Didgeridoo programs are ideal for conferences, seminars, training programs, leadership events, stress management workshops, social events, anything!

See Digeridoo Austalia Corporate Events for more information on booking Ganga for your event.