Ganga Giri Group Composite

Welcome to The Ganga Giri Official site!

A great place to stay in contact and get to know me and my band and other communities offering more.

Firstly it is so good we can all gather again publicly as music for me is about bringing people and community together. When we come together we inspire each other in so many ways.

As a band we have played some great festivals of late and we are just back from The Town, what an event!!!
We have an amazing couple of New Years events we are super stoked to play. Tribe right on NY and then off to Tanglewood for the evening of the first. Our band right now are on fire and it’s so good to be slamming it on stage again!!!!!

My music expressions have opened up from being a Dad so my touring days on the road are shorter and I am only interested on being away from home in short bursts. I however have now tapped into the local community, and am really enjoying getting to play and contribute more performing locally, but also helping bring Culture and Education into schools and various other places needed in the community.
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More gigs will be updated here regularly so keep in contact!

Ganga Giri Group Composite